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Meet the Poco Posy Team

Poco Posy’s staff originally comprised of a single person: Bec.

In the beginning, Bec, who quit her day job to bring Poco Posy into existence in 2015, did it all. From fetching the day’s selection from the markets to arranging the flowers, to posting the Posy of the Day, to running the deliveries in the afternoon, to doing the accounts in the evening, Bec was in charge.

Brisbane turned out to be a far more flower-thirsty city than Bec had originally anticipated. As business started to pick up and deliveries started to increase across Brisbane, Bec soon realised that she has the ability to expand her business into the outer Brisbane region into neighbouring cities including Caboolture, North Lakes, Logan and Ipswich.

It wasn’t long before she needed the helping hand of another florist to meet the overwhelming demand. Thus, the business went from solo operator to dynamic duo with the introduction of Rachel.

Most recently, the social media demands on Poco Posy have also skyrocketed. With thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram all waiting for the next day’s posy, it became increasingly difficult to make sure the flowers arrived on time and showcase the lovely arrangements coming out every day. Enter: Ivana.

Now, with three staff to its name, Poco Posy continues to blossom as a business, with hopes of hiring more passionate people in the future!

Want to know a little bit more about the faces behind your flowers? Read on.

Meet The Founder Of Poco Posy, Bec

Bec: Poco Posy Founder & Owner

Poco Posy is the brainchild of Bec, an office-worker-turned-florist with a passion for people and a love for beautiful flowers.

Bec’s business acumen, creativity and warm personality have seen her small business quickly grow into one of Brisbane’s premier daily flower delivery suppliers.

When she’s not at the flower market or creating her lovingly crafted flowers you can find Bec on 1300 868 168 or bec@pocoposy.com.au.



Meet Ivana

Ivana: Marketing & Social Media Whiz

Ivana is the Poco Posy team’s Miss Popularity. She brings the Poco Posy Instagram & Facebook accounts to life with her creativity, flair and style.



When Ivana isn’t madly thumbing her gorgeous images onto Instagram or planning the next big thing for Poco Posy’s Facebook followers, she is the proud mother of her little baby boy.

Meet Rachel And Her Two Bunches Of Flowers

Rachel: Fearless Florist

Rachel, the team’s second florist, completes the Poco Posy trio. Gifted with an eye for detail, a mind for design, and a heart for helping others, for Rachel brings sophistication and joy to the company.



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