Flowers and Their Meanings

From tales of folklore to declarations of love throughout the ages, flowers have always been a favourite token of appreciation. When it comes to expressing gratitude, conveying sympathy, and celebrating life, flowers are often the first thing people think of as a gift. Though every flower is beautiful and appropriate for every situation (except orange lilies!), there are many meanings of different flowers that you might want to consider.

We take a look at the most common flowers and their meanings.

Flowers and their meanings


The Rockstar of flowers, roses are often a symbol of love and a favourite on Valentines’ day. Though red is the most colour we commonly attribute with love, different colours of roses offer different meanings. For example, white roses signal purity, which makes it a popular choice for weddings. Peach roses are a great choice for offering gratitude and make the perfect thank you gift for someone you appreciate. When it comes to the meanings of different flowers, roses are one of the most symbolic flowers you can buy.


Daffodils signal rebirth and new beginnings, as they’re often the first flower to bloom after winter. This symbol of hope has made it a popular flower for people experiencing illness, as it shows you hope for a steady recovery and a bright future. So iconic is this beautiful flower that Cancer Council has even centred a cancer awareness campaign around it – Daffodil Day.


Sunflowers are known as ‘happy flowers’ and make the perfect gift for someone you adore or admire. It’s a unique flower, as it’s universally adored and seen positively by numerous cultures. Sunflowers are a versatile flower and can be given as a gift to someone you respect, someone who needs cheering up, or as a simple token of appreciation. They can be purchased in a bunch or as a single stalk!


A gentle flower, daisies symbolise innocence and purity and often associated with childhood. In Norse Mythology, the daisy is the Freya’s favourite flower and as Freya is the goddess of love and fertility, daisies have come to represent motherhood and birth. This makes it the perfect flower for a baby shower or to congratulate new mothers.


White lilies are the most popular flower for those who have lost loved ones as it symbolises sympathy. They also represent the restored innocence to soul, which is why they’re a common flower used in funerals. Orange lilies, on the other hand, symbolise hatred and betrayal – so should be best avoided.

Lilies can come in different breeds (up to 40!) with the most popular being the Calla lily, Asiatic Lily and the Peace Lily.


Dahlia’s are a favourite amongst florists, as they come in beautiful vibrant colours such as bold pinks and oranges. When it comes to flower meanings, dahlia’s typically symbolise strength and grace under pressure. This makes it a perfect flower gift for someone who’s just completed a big achievement, such as finishing school or acing a job interview.

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