Flowers for Dad?

The Perfect Flowers for Dad Including Newstead Pale Ale and Beef Jerky. Check out the current Man Posy here.

It’s coming up Father’s Day and you’re not sure what to get dad. A new wallet? A pair of humorous colourful socks? Some kind of tool? Those ideas are nice, but they’re pretty standard when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. So, we propose a better idea – flowers for dad!

Traditionally, we’re taught that receiving flowers as a gift is a feminine thing, and not something you do for men. But here at Poco Posy, we ask why not? Let’s be honest, it’s the same for girly drinks. Who can really say, deep down, that they wouldn’t secretly prefer a nice cocktail over a beer? Surely, no one actually prefers downing a glass of lukewarm VB when there’s a nice, fruity Mai Tai available?

Nonetheless, we’re all for changing things up a little bit, so why not show your appreciation for your old man by getting flowers for dad. As society becomes more gender balanced, it’s argued that sending a man flowers is not only normal, but a wonderfully sweet way to show your appreciation. Your dad likely has enough whisky at home, and he probably doesn’t really need a leaf blower. Or a specialised beard trimmer. The idea that gifts for men have to be practical instead of simply giving joy seems a little archaic, and likely stems from the idea that men are fixers and makers, and not ones to sit back and marvel at beauty. Giving your dad a gift with an intentional purpose does show that you appreciate him, but it also serves as a reminder that he plays a role – whether it’s a tie for him to wear at the office or a new toolkit for work. That’s why we think flowers for dad are such a great idea; their only purpose is to be admired!

Whether it’s a stunning centre piece to sit on the dining table or a bright new addition to his office, flowers for dad are a great option to put a little bit of colour into this life. If your dad’s more of a traditional type, a beautiful bouquet of roses will likely capture his attention. Or a practical succulent plant to bring some life into his home office (or workbench). You can even have the best of both worlds and create a hamper for him, whether it’s a box filled with beef jerky and beer or some bush cucumber scented candles!

Need help choosing the best flowers for dad?

Giving your dad the usual gifts can be nice but getting him a truly unique gift is sure to make him feel special! Check out some of the flower options we have available online today or contact us to organise a special flower delivery for Father’s Day.

If you’re unsure exactly how to choose Father’s Day flowers that your dad will love, please get in touch by calling us on 1300 868 168 or sending an email to info@pocoposy.com.au. Our team are more than happy to give you some recommendations on the best Father’s Day flowers!


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