Flower Colour Meaning – Colour of Flowers and Their Meaning

Flowers are an incredibly versatile and meaningful gift for any occasion that are always sure to bring joy and happiness to the receiver every time. However, did you know that the flower colour meaning can spark different emotions and create new feelings based on their symbolism?

We take a look at the most common flowers and their meanings.

Flower Colour Symbolism

We live in a world full of amazing scenery and we’re lucky to be gifted with naturally beautiful flowers that can lighten up anyone’s day at first glimpse. Flowers can create emotional memories and trigger feelings of joy, friendship, excitement, relaxation and serenity, just to name a few. At Poco Posy, each of our flower sets on offer are designed to deliver a wide variety of these emotions so we thought we’d describe below how the colour of flowers and their meaning can create different feelings.

Red Flower Colour Meaning

Red flowers are all about passion, strength, desire, energy and are known to transform your emotional state. There’s something so incredibly beautiful and unexplainably vibrant about a fresh bouquet of red flowers, they are certainly full of flower colour symbolism.

White Flowers

White flowers have a certain unmatched elegance and beauty to them which cannot be described. They represent modesty, luxury and humility in an unassuming fragrant tone which can be surmised as beautiful.

Pink Flowers

The flower colour meaning of pink is about giving that touch of grace, gentleness and innocence that are undoubtedly one of the safest choices to go for when choosing the right bouquet for your recipient. If you’re looking for flowers to surprise your best friend, choose pink as your friendship flower colour, it’s very feminine and beautiful.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers bring together emotions of pride, dignity and thoughtfulness. They are the perfect bouquet for a recipient who has just achieved a goal or significant milestone in their life and is feeling a sense of pride and joy for their achievements.

The purple flower colour meaning is also about peace, calmness and reduces anxiety. They are perfect for recipients who you think may be going through a stressful time and could need a fresh touch of relaxation.

Yellow Flowers

The friendship flower colour. Yellow flowers are all about lightheartedness, new beginnings and exciting new adventures for the future. These are the perfect colour for a housewarming or any new chapter in your recipient’s life.

Poco Posy Flower Selections

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