The Best Housewarming Flowers

Although florals for spring may not be ground-breaking, a bunch of flowers for housewarming gift sure is!

When moving into a new place, it’s stressful to furnish whilst also adding the last final touches. Buying someone a housewarming plant or flowers, means you’re helping to alleviate that pressure. Plus it’s even better if you can get the housewarming plants delivered with an extra gift attached.

Why You Should Choose Housewarming Flowers and Plants

Choosing to give flowers for housewarming gift is an easy yet unique way to make the recipient feel special. There’s such a wide variety of flowers and plants nowadays you really can’t go wrong!

From peonies to sunflowers, to native bouquets that will last forever, it will surely brighten up your friend or loved one’s life. Plants are the perfect gift for anyone starting a new chapter in their life. Giving one as a housewarming gift would be a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Housewarming Flowers

RBest housewarming flowers are well thought out. It adds a more personal touch when you know what bouquet will fit in with their space and style or what their favourite flower is. It’s not commonly known that every flower has it’s own meaning and signifies something, so here’s a few that differs to the romantic rose.

Although it may be classified as a plant, peace lilies are an ideal gift of peace and represent healing. They prefer indirect light and to be kept moist (so you’ll need a mister for this one) and they repay all of your love and affection by purifying the air around them.

Carnations are ruffly flowers that work great for a lover on a budget. Each colour represents something different with white being sweet and lovely and pink for “I’ll never forget you”. Whilst the two-toned versions imply, “I cannot be with you” and yellow actually signifying disdain. If you or the person you’re giving them to is not interested in what they’re said to signify, then no matter what colour, they’ll look beautiful in your bouquet.

Representing anger to the Victorians back in the day, peonies are a beautifully sweet many-petaled bloom that is linked to romance, marriage and even bashfulness. For the sophisticated office workers, these would be the best housewarming flowers.

Difficult to spell and sometimes pronounce, chrysanthemums are simply gorgeous. They represent honesty and make the perfect addition to an autumn bouquet. They can withstand cooler temperatures and are easy to care for.

According to legend, the first travelling Spanish believed that sunflowers were made from real gold. Therefore, they now represent “false riches”. Thankfully in sunny Brisbane, these happy flowers are common in many places throughout the state and we can argue they represent our sunny, easy going home. Plus adding a splash of that vibrant yellow is sure to brighten up anyone’s home – perfect flowers for housewarming gift!

The best housewarming flowers are ones that are delivered to save you the hassle. That’s just one of the many benefits when getting your local fresh blooms from Poco Posy.

Something Different From a Housewarming Plant

Plants can range from low to high maintenance, so it’s important to do some research on what type of plant you get beforehand, so that it suits the lifestyle of whoever you’re buying it for. They double as colourful décor and beauty as well as being known as mood boosters.

Indoor plants boast benefits that lead to a healthier and happier home. They’re supposed to help improve indoor air, focus and productivity – what could top that? Housewarming plants delivered! Pot plants in a range of different styled pots from your new favourite Brisbane florist adds a personal touch.

A gift of a gardener starter kit for the inspiring green thumb is a unique take on buying someone a housewarming plant. You could personalise it with some recipes that they can use the herbs with or get one delivered from your local florist.

The trailing vine of pothos is nicknamed “devil’s ivy” as it can withstand conditions such as under and over watering. Aglaonema comes in a variety of colours from pink, white, green, and red and once again does well with excess water.

Aloe prefers indirect light, perfect to be on your bedside table or desk and only needs to be given a good soak every week or two.

Not only do plants purify the air by removing toxins, but it has been proven that caring for a living thing will boost our moods. It gives us a sense of purpose and a rewarding feeling to watch something bloom and thrive. That’s the best gift to give someone.

Best Housewarming Flowers and Plants

It’s hard deciding exactly which housewarming plant or flowers Brisbane locals would love to receive. Thanks to the homegrown Brisbane florist you can choose the perfect gift for the next housewarming you’re invited to.

You simply must check out the daily Poco Posy seasonal flowers and arrangements online. The Best Housewarming Flowers are coming right up! Better yet if you can’t make it, they’ve got the best housewarming plants delivered straight to their door!

So come on, don’t wait any longer and brighten up someone’s day today.


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