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Bouquet of beautiful flowers | Featured Image for How to Keep Flowers Fresh blog by Poco Posy.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh

Fresh flowers are an instant mood booster, so seeing them wilt and dry out is the last thing any of us want. After they’ve been cut, flowers tend to age quickly and begin

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Bouquet of beatiful red and pink flowers | Featured Image for The Most Popular Annual Flowers 2022 blog on Poco Posy.

The Most Popular Annual Flowers 2022

In 2022, we have seen so many homeowners, commercial spaces, and event planners change the way these popular annual flowers are presented. From beautiful flowers paired with texture along with dried native florals

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Bouquet of beatiful sunflowers | Featured Image for The Power of Flowers blog on Poco Posy.

The Power of Flowers

It’s no secret that flowers make people happy, so it’s understandable why they’re one of the most commonly given gifts. Not only are flowers beautiful, and the perfect gift for some, but they

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Pink Lily Flower Meaning

Each variety of the lily flower holds its own differing meaning, but the long standing correlation commonly sits between femininity, purity, love, and admiration. Although the flowers themselves have their own meanings, what

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Flowers that Smell Good

Flowers that Smell Good: A Guide to Fragrant Florals Whether you’re wanting to send someone a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous smelling flowers, or you’d like an arrangement to sit proudly in your home,

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Best Flowers for Spring and Summer

Although Australia is known for it’s striking sun and harsh heat, it doesn’t stop our beautiful flora from blooming to it’s fullest potential. The trick is to choose native Australian flowers that can

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Bear Pot | Featured Image for the West End Landing Page For Poco Posy

Why Flowers Make You Happy

Whether it’s a romantic gesture or an ultimate thank you, sending someone beautiful flowers is always beneficial. And even though you may enjoy seeing them, they offer their sender many benefits as well.

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Best Birthday Flower Ideas

A beautiful flower bouquet is a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you want to congratulate on the recent birth of a new baby, want to cheer on someone receiving an award or

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Home Flower Decoration Ideas

Home décor is something that changes as trends come and go, but there is always one accessory that never dies, and that’s floral arrangements. Whether you have a modern style home, contemporary, art

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