Best Winter Flowers to Brighten Your Home

Winter can feel like a bit of a drag. The mornings are dark, the air is crisp, and it’s hard to get out of your warm bed. Adding a bouquet of vibrant and colourful flowers somewhere in your home could be the perfect touch to brightening your day. Nothing spells happiness or gives you that ‘sunshine’ feeling like a fresh bunch of the best winter flowers. In your home office, the living room, on the kitchen table, or even in your bedroom, there isn’t a place on earth that doesn’t suit a bunch from Poco Posy.

Browse our gorgeous range of winter flowers Brisbane locals are falling in love with and contact us on 1300 868 168 to place your order. If you want gorgeous flowers for winter, think Poco Posy.

Daffodil ‘Jonquil’

Also known as the happy flower, the Daffodil resembles the glistening sun on a hot summer’s day. When the sky is cloudy and the day feels dull, this cheerful flower is sure to brighten the mood. Standing tall as the Australian national flower, the Daffodil has to be one of the best winter flowers to enjoy.


Blooming in late winter, these delicate flowers add a soft touch to any bouquet. Noted as the flower for royalty, this beautiful blossom flowers in an array of different colours. From red, white, and pink, to a gorgeous shade of purple or cream, Camellias are stunning evergreens and the most beautiful winter flowers for your next bouquet.


Having a bunch of beautiful winter flowers is great for reducing the stress of the cooler season. The days feel shorter, the weeks go by quicker, but there’s nothing a little colourful and unique flower can’t fix. Orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants, one of the most graceful and are also said to improve our focus when placed in the same room. They are also symmetrical and add a touch of elegance and simplicity to any bouquet.


Dahlias are one of the most unique looking florals and boast a stunning variety of vibrant colours. If you’re looking for flowers for winter that are brighter than usual, adding Dahlias is the way to go. They add a touch of individuality to any bouquet and are such an eye-catcher when you walk into the room. They boast an elegant and sharp structure while blooming in the richest of shades.


These cup-shaped flowers are one of the most loved flowers for winter. They come in almost every colour of the rainbow and their shades hold a different meaning. From an apology to confessing your love, there is a tulip for every moment of life. These pretty florals are sophisticated, usually symmetrical, rich and warm, making them perfect for a winter specific bouquet.

Winter Flower Delivery

The Poco Posy delivery team hand delivers bouquets all over Brisbane including Logan, Ipswich, North Lakes and Caboolture. If you want to order a bouquet of the best winter flowers, Poco Posy has an array of florals ready and waiting.

Contact us on 1300 868 168 to get your order started and we’ll take care of the rest.


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