Home Flower Decoration Ideas

Home décor is something that changes as trends come and go, but there is always one accessory that never dies, and that’s floral arrangements. Whether you have a modern style home, contemporary, art deco, or even minimalist, there is always room for flowers to enhance the space. The right colour combination along with a simple or statement vase can be the ultimate game changer for any room in your home, and we have home flower decoration ideas that’ll help you add the perfect amount of class, colour, and sophistication.

If you want to know how to add colour to living room spaces, or any other room in our home, we’ve got you covered. From bold statements to a simple rose, we know all the tricks of using florals as a décor piece to make your home look absolutely stunning.

Are you looking to add a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your home? Or perhaps you want to purchase an arrangement to show someone how much you care. We have some of the most beautiful flowers Brisbane locals adore, and they’re waiting for you. Contact our friendly team today to place an order on 1300 868 168!

Home Flower Decoration Ideas

Adding a Statement to the Hallway

For your visitors, there is no better way to be greeted than by a stunning arrangement of flowers in an exquisite vase. Depending on your furnishings in the area, the main rule of thumb is to complement the colours by adding a pop of the same or similar shade to your bouquet, tying the room together and creating a focal point. For a zone with a lot of height (such as high ceilings) you can arrange a bunch of flowers to elevate the space and give the eyes something to grab onto.

Beautifying Your Bedside

Adding a bouquet of flowers to your bedside table, or perhaps a shelf on your wall, can really add a dash of elegance to your space. Of course, this greatly depends on the colour scheme, however, there are an abundance of flowers that you can incorporate into your bedroom to add softness, colour, and luxury. From Dahlia Posy’s to Pink Lisianthus, incorporating a beautiful floral to your personal space is like adding a cherry to the top of a cake.

Colours & Textures

The beautiful thing about flowers is that they come in a stunning array of colours but also provide a variety of texture as well. If you want to know how to add colour to living room spaces, or how to simply elevate any zone within your home, considering the colour and texture of a floral arrangement puts you ahead of the game. You can use flowers to soften a room, or a spot in the room, but to also make a statement or add structure. Whether it’s a modern space, a minimalist space, or even a maximalist space, there are flowers out there to complement the roof. With texture, it’s best to put the flowers against a ‘quiet space’ in the room, giving it a chance to stand out in comparison to areas that are occupied by furnishings.

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