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Why Flowers Make You Happy

Whether it’s a romantic gesture or an ultimate thank you, sending someone beautiful flowers is always beneficial. And even though you may enjoy seeing them, they offer their sender many benefits as well. From improving mood to strengthening your immune system to reducing stress levels, flowers are beneficial for both mind and body. Today’s blog answers the question ‘why flowers make you happy?’, including health benefits, productivity, and even improving sleep.

Read on for the top reasons why flowers make the best gift or take a look at some of the stunning bouquets our Brisbane florist team have created, from chrysanthemums and roses to carnations, lilies & more.

The Benefits of Gifting Flowers

Why flowers make you happy #1: Promotes Your Sleeping Capabilities

The fresh fragrance of the flower bouquets will let you forget all the problems and give you a sound sleep. The scent has a deep effect on your mood and helps you create a happy environment, which helps increase the production of human happy hormones and dopamine. It will make you refreshed and relaxed, leaving you in the perfect state for a good night’s sleep.

Why flowers make you happy #2: Boosts Creativity

Research has shown that the sight of flowers improves an individual’s creativity and exerts a soothing effect on the mind – so no wonder so many artists loved to paint them! With rich colours and soothing scents, flowers are perfect for homes and office spaces alike, instantly adding vibrance and life to any environment. This miracle of nature can boost creativity by up to 45%, fostering imagination and productivity as it lowers stress levels.

Why flowers make you happy #3: Lowers Stress

Flowers are known to lower stress, as the presence of nature calms people. This has made plants and flowers popular in the workplace, as reduced stress levels also increase productivity. The soothing effects of flowers are also what makes them the perfect gift to people experiencing illness or for those going through a difficult time.

Why do flowers make us happy #4: Increase Positive Energy 

There’s something undeniably positive about bright, cheerful flowers. In fact, there’s a reason why ‘stop and smell the roses’ is a famous adage. Taking the time to absorb the natural beauty of flowers and plants is known to bolster feelings of positivity and can even help with memory retention and concentration. Ultimately, there’s not much flowers can’t do!

Why do flowers make us happy #5: Flowers Make You Feel Loved

Gifting flowers is the ultimate expression of love and shows someone that not only are you thinking of them, but you appreciate them too. Bouquets give you the perfect opportunity to customise colours and types of flowers that reflect your loved one, which offers an unmatched touch of personalisation. And what better way to feel happy than when you feel loved?

Order a stunning bouquet from Poco Posy today!

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