Best Flowers for Spring and Summer

Although Australia is known for it’s striking sun and harsh heat, it doesn’t stop our beautiful flora from blooming to it’s fullest potential. The trick is to choose native Australian flowers that can withstand our hot summers, without needing to worry about their beautiful petals withering away. Choosing natives for your bouquet are a great choice because of their drought-resistant qualities and attraction to bees and birds during the growing period. If you’re wanting to put together a list of flowers for summer, natives are your best choice.

If you’re going to be planting your own flowers to start a spring or summer bouquet, we’ve collected some of the most beautiful, native florals that will withstand the heat, and give you the opportunity to put together the most colourful, unique arrangement.

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The Best Flowers for Spring and Summer

Kangaroo Paw


The Kangaroo Paw is native to Western Australia, and one of the best flowers for spring and summer arrangements. Growing wild along roadsides, riverbanks, in eucalypt forests and everywhere else, it boasts a lively presence where many other florals are muted. This specific flower is the epitome of Australia’s dynamic, harsh yet delicate. The Kangaroo Paw spreads across 11 species and is pollinated by birds; encouraging native bird activity in gardens and wherever it grows.

How to Care and Preserve

To get the best life out of your Kangaroo Paw, they need to be planted and grown in well drained soil and plenty of sunlight. If you need it needs a bit of encouragement during the growing process, you can even add a touch of organic matter. It’s important to keep up the watering for this beautiful floral, more so in early spring and summer to maintain its longevity.

Yellow Billy Button Balls


Perfect for your summer bouquet, the Yellow Billy Button flower is a native floral that’s widespread across eastern NSW in the dry forest, grassland, and alpine regions. Although it’s well known as the Yellow Billy Button, it’s also commonly referred to as Woollyheads. This beautiful, bright bulb-like flower is related to the daisy and grow to around 50cm in height.

How to Care and Preserve

When growing Yellow Billy Buttons, sow the seeds in warm areas by pressing into the soil, directly where they are to grow. Water, then keep the seeds evenly moist as they begin to grow. These flowers should be placed in a warm shaded position to germinate, then transplant to the final growing position when they reach approximately 73cm in height – avoiding any disturbance to their roots. These flowers need to be grown in full sun or part shade, and in well-drained soil.



The Bottle-Brush are one of the most gorgeous flowers for summer. They can be found predominantly in the east and south-east of Australia, with two of the many species also being found in the south-west. These flowers often grow in damp or even wet conditions, such as along creek beds, or in areas that are prone to flooding.

How to Care and Preserve

A spot in your garden that gets a good dose of full sun or half shade is the perfect place for your Bottle-Brush flowers. When you dig the planting hole, ensure you make twice as big but to the same depth as the root ball. Once you’ve removed the flower for the container, gently tease the roots then carefully position it into its place and backfill with soil. These plants require a good amount of water, so its recommended you create a donut shape round the base that captures and keeps rainwater in around the root zone.

Blue Gum


A soft, yet exquisite addition to your summer bouquet, the Sydney Blue Gum, or simply Blue Gum, typically grows along the coast and adjacent ranges from Batemans Bay in New South Wales up to southern-eastern Queensland. These flowers inhabit tablelands and valleys that provide well drained soils. They can also be found growing up to altitudes of 1000m.

How to Care and Preserve

For Blue Gum florals, well drained soil is the preferred method when it comes to establishing the plant. They need to be in a full sun position and kept well away from areas that are prone to frost in its earlier stages. Plant the seeds during spring, watering sparingly until it is 2 to 3 inches high. Although most of these plants are drought-tolerant, it’s important to keep them watered during their growing process until they’re properly established.

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