Flowers that Smell Good

Flowers that Smell Good: A Guide to Fragrant Florals

Whether you’re wanting to send someone a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous smelling flowers, or you’d like an arrangement to sit proudly in your home, there are a number of florals you can choose from that will keep any space smelling fragrant. Flowers that smell good are not hard to come by, they can be presented in beautiful, vibrant colours, or look simple, soft, and elegant. In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have a variety of pretty flowers that emit a delicious perfume, perfect for delivering to a good friend, partner, or to yourself as a pick-me-up or just because.

At Poco Posy, we offer a wide selection of nice smelling flowers that are perfect for any occasion. From fragrant florals to arrangements that make a total statement, our locally sourced, fresh flowers are a wonderful investment.

Are you looking for a gorgeous arrangement for a friend, family member, loved one, or for yourself? Browse our online store today or contact us on 1300 868 168 to place an order! As a leading florist Brisbane residents love, trust that our florals are the very best.

Nice Smelling Flowers for the Perfect Bouquet


Gardenias are, surprisingly, a genus of flowers from the coffee family, and are native to tropical and subtropical regions. These beautiful flowers are home to evergreen shrubs and small trees, and have adopted glossy, rich green leaves with a leather-like texture. They are prized for their sweet scent, and are grown in warm, more specifically, humid climates across Northern Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

Flowers that smell good generally don’t compare to the aspects of the gardenia. A beautiful aspect of this flower is that it often changes it’s scent throughout the day depending on the climate. More commonly, the gardenia offers a zesty, spiced scent with green undertones, or more of a sweet, subtle fruit like scent resembling coconut or peach.


Known as a flowering plant of the mint family, and more so for its beauty and sweet, floral fragrance, lavender is a popular flower offering a multitude of diverse uses. In ancient times, lavender was used to scent baths for the Romans, their beds, clothing, and even their hair, while also being used for its wonderful medicinal qualities. In Australia, lavender thrives best in warmer climates, and can be grown in the ground within a controlled garden bed, or in pots with enough drainage.

The scent profile that lavender offers is light and fresh, but very distinct in that it’s hard to miss once you smell it again. And come across quite herbal yet sweet, with hints of balsamic undertones. If you want to incorporate the delicate scent of lavender to your next gift from Poco Posy, be sure to add in our organic lavender bath salts!


A common flower grown over millions of years, the rose is fragrant floral that is home to the northern hemisphere. With 120 species worldwide, at least 50 of them can be found in Australia. Finding and growing roses in Australia is rather easy, and they can thrive in almost every state and climate. There are three main aspects that roses need to be able to grow, including protection from the wind, up to 4 hours of sun a day, a moist soil that is rich in nutrients.

Nice smelling flowers such as red and pink roses offer a differing perfume to one another, though they tend to smell like the traditional rose scent, offering hints of spice and sweetness, while giving an ode to meadows, honey, and fruit notes. White and yellow roses, however, can often resemble the smell of violets, nasturtium, lemons, and a variety of fruits. Include this beautiful scent with your next bouquet with one of our delicate rose blooming tea add ons!


Lilies, all known as Liliums, are one of the oldest cultivated florals, more so commonly used for its medicinal benefits and ornamental values by the Greeks and Romans years and years ago. In Australia, we are known to grow four main types of lilies, such as Asiatics, Longiflorum, Longiflorum Asiatics and the Orientals.

Lilies provide a subtle yet sweet and a citrus-green scent, perfect for those who aren’t looking for something overly pungent, but just enough for a delightful whiff when you pass by. Some say that these florals boast a creamy, clove like scent when fully bloomed.

Looking to Order Fragrant Florals?

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