Long Lasting Flowers – Which Flowers Have the Best Vase Life?

We know when you choose a freshly cut bouquet whether it’s for someone else or for yourself, trying to choose long last flowers can be difficult. Apart from some tips we can offer to help make your flowers last longer, we also know a few blooms that are perfect to last longer than a couple of days. So, what flowers last the longest?

What flowers last the longest?

Here’s a list of the best long lasting flowers guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

    1. Chrysanthemums

This popular flower is commonly used in many bouquets and can last up to two weeks and come in a variety of colours and petal shapes. Native to China, they thrive in low lit homes and after being cut can last upwards of 28 days in a vase.

    1. Orchids

Perhaps one of the most common choices for long lasting cut flowers are orchids. Lasting up to 21 days once they’ve been cut or weeks and even months as a houseplant, orchids are a wonderful choice as they are guaranteed to last longer than a few weeks.

Tip: As an orchid’s petals are affected by ethylene, it’s important to keep orchids away from any fruit and at an ambient temperature of 12 degrees Celsius of more as they are also very sensitive to the cold.

    1. Carnations

There’s a reason so many supermarket flowers include carnations in their bouquets. Often one of the last standing in the bouquet, carnations can last up to three weeks in a vase provided they receive regular fresh water and are kept away from direct sunlight. These versatile, ruffled blooms come in a variety of colours and are beautiful addition in a bouquet or by themselves to brighten up any space.

    1. Gerberas

Lasting up to 21 days in a vase, gerberas look like bigger and brighter daisies, and they favour both direct and indirect sunlight. Also, interesting to note that these stunning long lasting flowers are also capable of removing air pollutants which are perfect for at home or in the office.

    1. Lilies

A favourite amoungst many florists, lilies are stunning and elegant flowers that will last up to two weeks in a vase. Many people who ask, ‘what flowers last the longest?’, normally tend to chose lilies due to the beautiful way they bloom as well as having multiple flowers on one that open up at different times.

Tip: Keep lilies in a light filled area when inside but when the pollen from this bloom does shed, it can easily stain so please keep this in mind if your floral arrangement is on a white benchtop.

    1. Alliums

Although you may not see these flowers in common arrangements, they are prized for their long, stiff stems, hardy nature, and variety of colours (the most popular being the vibrant purple and white). Typically Alliums last up to 21 days after being trimmed and placed in fresh water.

A few other flowers we recommend as long lasting cut flowers:

  1. Laceleaf (Anthurium) lasts 42 days.
  2. Zinnia lasts up to 26 days.
  3. The Star of Bethlehem lasts up to 25 days.
  4. Hoary stock can last up to 18 days.
  5. Lisianthus an average of 17 days.
  6. Sunflowers lasts up to 14 days.
  7. Peonys lasts up to 10 days.


If you’re looking for long lasting cut flowers, Poco Posy offers a wide variety of beautiful blooms delivering to Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture, Logan, and North Lakes. Order online from our florist Brisbane team or get in touch on 1300 868 168 if you need any advice or for more information on any questions you may have.


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